niedziela, 17 stycznia 2016

"End of the semester"

Like in the title we have already the and of first semester and for the moment I finish the writing of my blog because it was my homework for English lessons. I have to apologize you because of my language mistakes, but my English level is not to high and I know that I have to improve my skills. However, I hope that all my posts were understandable.
If I was boring I'm sorry too but I haven't any good idea of the topic of my blog and I simply decided to write about the town where I spend lots of time and which I think is verry interesting and beautiful. As you already (I hope) know there are lots of places to spend time and have fun so if you haven't ever see it come to visit!
I don't know willI wrote my blog next semester (it depends on my professor) so I tell you "goodbye" and take care!

"Wiskey in the jar"

"Wiskey in the jar"
I have already written about this place, but I remind you : it's a pub at Old Time Square.
To tell you the trouth I was there once. There was a concert of young women with her group and I was so enrapture! They played music of Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Ac/Dc, Emeli Sande, Sia czy Bruno Mars.
This vocalist name is Ewa Urban and she is verry talented and experienced in singer! I had a chance to hear her in the chorus of Kate Ryan but she also sings with Polish star Sylwia Grzeszczak and in others clubs .What I appreciate is the fact that she finished vocal and conducting studies at Music University.  What is more her voice is strong but at the sime time pleasant so she can perform various genres of music . In addition she is beautiful and she look very presentable on the stage so I hope that some day she will make a dazzling career!
I recommend to follow her fanpage facebook - Ewa Urban ( to knowwhen and where she have a concert. I think that this is great idea for people who like live music to spend  time in "Wiskey in the jar" when this talented vocalist sings! You can meet with your friends, take some drinks and even eate a good dishes there! If you feel lonely go there and just admire this young talent!

Some links which you have to see!!!:
Some Polish music shows:

"Kozły Poznań"

This is a team of American football from Poznań. Its name is associated with one symbl of the town "kozioł" means a goat. . The goats make their daily appearance above the clock on a City Hall façade. Thier colors are blue and white.  This team have 99 players in age from 19 to 44 years,from differents countries. Their coach is Bill Moor. They are in  topleague, it is the only team of this sport which is in this high league  . In this season they have 141 points, not to good,but they already had a better seasons. Their big success was thier third place in the championship in 2009 and 2014. Their stadion is located at Warmińska street.
They have a Internet shop with gadgets, shoes and clothing for men and women.

You can follow thier side on the facebook to see where and when they have a matchs!

"Teddy bear"

This is another bar at the Old Market. First of all they have cheap and good dishes, which come from Polish cuisine. My favourite is "pyry z gzikiem"- boiled potatoes topped with multed butter (this dish is from Poznań :D ) and cottage cheese with diced radishes and diced green onions or chives . This is a bar so the portion is rather small but perfect for dinner! My"pyry z gzikiem"cost only 8 złotych- about 2 euros...It's profitable!
They are known primarily for thiers "shots" of vodka in different flavors. Lots of thiers shots they made it themselves. Examples of flavours: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, cherry, nut, black lilac, raspberry, quince and flavors of candy. They also have interesting syrups for beer: mango, strawberry, melon, maracuya. You can also drink there beverage without alcohol. They have interesting juices...and tea or coffee as well! 
The decor refers to the name because there are a teddy bears :D.

By the way I have one recipe for flavored vodka.

Ingredients: 200 ml of vodka,1can of butterscotch/toffi cream (masa kajmakowa)- you can also use toffee candys,about half a kilogram and 50 ml of cream 30%.
Way to prepare: Simply mix all the ingredients together and cool it down. Before consumption shake the bottle.


"Teatr Wielki"  (Grand Theatre) is an opera located at Fredry 9 front of a fountain. The neoclassical  opera house is large and beautiful. The façade of the building is a huge portico that was built according to the rules of classical architecture of ancient Rome. Dozens of monumental steps are bordered by two sculptures: on the left, a woman riding a lion; and on the right, a man handling a panther. At the top of the staircase stand six massive Ionic columns with a triangular tympanum surmounted by a Pegasus statue, a symbol of the building. To the east is the former restaurant pavilion and to the west is a separate entrance for the emperor. The interior consists of beautifully decorated halls, foyers and other rooms, crystal chandeliers, and rich wall decorations.Designed by German architect Max Littmann, and inaugurated in 1910 with The Magic Flute (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), the Grand Theatre in Poznań is a main opera stage in Greater Poland Voivodeship currently directed by Michał Znaniecki.It is named after famous Polish composer Stanisław Moniuszko.Its season runs from mid-September to mid-June and the company mounts an annual "Festival Verdi" in October and "E. T. A. Hoffmann Festival" in April, often with special guests.. Because of the fact that it is the largest theater in Poznań it often has a guest performances.


It's a pub/restaurant  on Old Time Square. In the begginig I have to tell you that I don't recomande it enyone! I just have a sentiment for this place because my first date with my boyfrien was there! :D 
Positive sides:
They have non-alcoholic drinks and different salads. The desserts there are good, especially these with ice cream. Also good wines are good and I honestly like their barge wint caramel ( like this song so much).The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday till 1:00 a.m. and from Friday to Saturday till 2:00 a.m. and in the summer they have coverlet for guests who sit at the outdoor tables.
Negative sides: 
The toilet is in the basement. The waitresses are rude (I have to admit that I even chose the worst of theme). The dishes are not really good. Once they didn't give me olives in my salad,my boyfrien have to much almost raw (!!!) bacon in his carbonara and a handful of cloves in one small glass of the mulled wine... definitely to much!
On the Internet this restaurant has negative feedback... On facebook 1.8/5 stars. But I'm sure that I'll spend there each anniversary of my first date there because I like this memory.

"Best burgers"

To tell you the trouth I don't often eat the bugers. You know...It's unhealthy, not really good for weight and further I like to taste different flavors so I have a varied diet. But my boyfriend is fan of burgers so he have showed me some good locals. 
The first one is "Pastwisko" (it means pasturage) at Jaroczyńskiego Street. I ate there a  classic burger with beef (naturally :D), cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, onion and some dressings. It cost 11 złotych...hmm it's less than 3 euros. They say that it weighs 130 grams...Anyway it is enough for a girl of average build. They have also burgers with: chees, camembert, bacon and pepper, bacon and egg, pesto,mushrooms, extra onion.
The second one is "Święta Krowa" (which means sacred cow ) at Kwiatowa street. I eat there "chilli burger" with coriander, habanero and tabasco it cost 15 złotych...more than 3 euros, classic burger cost 13 złotych, approximately 3 euros. My buger was tasty but expected more spicy taste. They have burgers with: cheese, bacon, goat cheese, mozzarella; spinach and dried tomatoes, extra beef, honey; nachos; habanero, mango and chees.
I have to say that the best burger I've ever eaten was in Whiskey in the jar. It's a pub on old Time Square. The burger is expensive (34 złotych,approximately 11 euros) but tasty and satiating! They give gratis chips with verry good topping and a sauce. 
Do you know any others places with good burgers in Poznań?